A Day in the Life of an Almost Toddler

Or do they automatically become toddlers when they start walking? I was never really sure where that cutoff was.

Anyways, since he’s almost one (a week from today, people. WTF??) I figured I’d do a “day in the life” update because it really is amazing how much your day will change from teeny baby to almost toddler.

7:05am – He wakes up. I change his diaper and we go play in the living room til we’re completely awake. (He usually wakes up now between 7-7:20).
7:30 – Breakfast is toast with strawberry jelly and sippy cup of water. Also some cheerios because no breakfast is complete without them!
8:00 – Change a stinky diaper, then upstairs to play
9:20 – Snack time! A whole (small) banana and a kraft single (and water, but let’s just assume from here on out that water is there for every meal and in between)
9:45 – Change a wet diaper, read a story
10:05 – Down for a nap
11:10 – Awake! Change a diaper, play in the living room
12:00 – Lunch is grilled cheese and chicken noodle O’s soup. Yum!
12:45 – Clean up lunch, go upstairs to play, or run an errand. Usually Target, because we almost live at Target most weeks, but actually today we walked over to Lowes Foods because their ad had a lot of buy one get one free stuff, and so we went!
2:30 – Another snack. This time yogurt and some strawberries. He is not a huge fan of being spoon fed stuff any more (he prefers to finger-feed himself. I strain the noodles and crap out of soups for him to pick up when we have them. In case you wondered..) so I give him a spoon to play with and some strawberries that he can pick up on his own.
2:50 – Change diaper, read stories
3:00 – Nap time!
4:15 – Awake!
4:30 a small snack to hold til dinner (getting to one nap a day will bump us down to two snacks only, but I want to make sure he doesn’t wind up hungry and cranky before dinner.
4:50 – Play time!
6:30 – Dinner. He eats what we eat. Or he cries about how he doesn’t want to eat what we’re eating in which case he doesn’t eat much. Believe it or not he usually likes whatever it is better if we have it again for leftovers. Except the Shepherd’s Pie, which was the last two nights. That he hated both nights. Go figure.
7:10 – Every other night is bath time, otherwise we do a little playing.
7:30 – Diaper change, jammies, story time
7:45 – His only bottle of the day, soon to be leaving us altogether
7:50 – In bed for the night. He usually squeals a little and talks to himself as he goes to sleep.

99.9% of the time he sleeps through the night. 0.1% of the time he may wake up and fuss for a few minutes during the night, but I think since he was about 7 months old it’s only been bad enough once or twice that I felt I should go check on him, and even then he went back to sleep like it was no big deal, which is more exciting and amazing than I ever could have imagined. Seriously.