Text Much?

A few months ago Nate told me that I sent 1300 text messages in that month.

I considered it for a minute. At first I thought that couldn’t possibly be right, but eventually I’ve come around to the fact that I do a LOT of texting.

I really hope that’s incoming and outgoing texts and that I didn’t actually send 1300 text messages, but I guess I wouldn’t be totally shocked if I had.

For curiosity’s sake I pulled up this month’s bill online to take a peek and this month I have sent/received 1958 text messages! I was about to declare a new record, but I looked back at our previous usage and apparently I peaked back in August with 2,368 texts.

Umm, go me? And yay for unlimited texting, without which I would be SCREWED!

Anyone care to guess who I text that frequently?

For anyone who guessed my husband, you would be WRONG!

It is most definitely my sister. I text her a LOT. Without a doubt I text her more frequently than I do everyone else put together.

Anyways, I really didn’t have a point to make or anything except that holy crap I text a lot!

So… can anyone beat 2,368?

3 thoughts on “Text Much?

  1. I was definitely going to guess your sister. I don’t really text but my tweeting, ichatting, emailing and phone conversations are all dominantly with Rachel!


  2. Traci

    If you ever want to break the old record (yeah, right in your free time), email me offline and I’ll give you my cell. I’m amused by the happy little text icon on my smart phone and would always be happy to hear from you. 🙂


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