We Have a Cold

We think it came from when Jack went to the Build a Bear at the mall last Wednesday with my mom and sister (and the kids from the Raleigh Rescue Mission where my mom volunteers).

Friday he was sneezing a lot and Saturday he woke up with a runny nose.

Sunday by the end of the day I had a sore throat, and now Jack and I both have a cold. Thanks, kid!

It’s all very very sad on his side. He’s been kind of crabby and very clingy and while I enjoy all the snuggling, I wish it didn’t have to be because he feels so bad. I heard him over the monitor coughing several times last night and he’s been taking longer naps, probably to catch up on missed sleep.

Of course he hates having his nose wiped and acts like it’s the next worst thing to water boarding when I do it, and I tried the bulb once the other day and got nothing (and good luck getting that bulb anywhere near his nose again. Go ahead and try, I dare you).

So here we are.

I want to take him to the doctor SO BAD and have them tell me “here, give him this” but I know that unless it turns bacterial there’s just nothing they can give him, and so far I just don’t think that it is. He tugs his ears some, which is usually his tired signal so I’m trying to decide if he’s doing it more often now? But I think he isn’t. I’m listening to his cough trying to decide if it sounds phlegmy. But really it doesn’t.

So in the mean time we’re going to go about our day like normal with a trip to Target (our home away from home) and to Kohls and then the post office to (finally) mail our Christmas cards and gifts. We may put a hold on the post office depending on how well Target and Kohls go, but I really want to get this stuff in the mail so I hope he doesn’t mind!

Really I say he’s crabby, but for the most part he’s the same happy baby he normally is,  just with less tolerance for bumps and not-getting-his-way than normal with some extra mystery tears scattered here and there and with a lot of climbing into my lap to snuggle for a few minutes before going back down to play again.

The only upside of this is (for me) that since I’m not pregnant and I’m not nursing, I can take mucinex again which is like a godsend!