The Importance of Order

Since I am lucky enough to stay home two days a week I try to make good use of my time and get things done around the house when I can. Things like laundry, some cleaning, and occasional straightening (although probably not enough straightening if you ask my husband, but that’s beside the point).

Normally I follow pretty much the same routine. Jack goes down for his nap, check my work email, straighten up any dishes from recent meals, clean the bathroom, take a shower, and put the towels in the wash. Yesterday I was feeling kind of lazy and didn’t really want to clean the bathroom yet so I skipped that step and just showered and put the towels in the wash and then surfed the internet for a little bit.

So blah blah blah, day goes on, put the towels in the drier, start a load of clothes, play with the baby, blah blah blah, time for his next nap and I figure now I’ll clean the bathroom because I can’t bear to just skip cleaning it for the week. No way.

And then when I got to the bathroom I noticed that instead of putting my towel in the laundry basket after I used it I hung it up. Even though there were no other towels to hang up, I hung it up. So it didn’t make it into the laundry. Also not making it into the laundry was the towel that sits on the floor under the dog bowl (because otherwise someone (Gouda) gets water EVERYWHERE when he drinks and I didn’t want the grout to get moldy again like it was before we started putting the towel down).


And stuff like that makes me just CRAZY because if I had just done it in the order it was supposed to be done in, I wouldn’t have to wash the towels again next week too! (We have two sets. I change them weekly and wash them when both sets are dirty. In case you were thinking it was gross to only wash your towels every other week. If you weren’t, then you can ignore this part.)

(and now for something completely different)

You know what else makes me crazy?

The fact that our DVR got stupid last night and at 8:50 when I realized nothing was taping I looked at the DVR schedule and everything was listed as “No Information Available” even though the guide showed everything just fine. So THANKS A LOT Dish Network. Now I have to watch the Vampire Diaries (don’t judge me!) online which sucks because I think the CW has more commercials on their online shows than they do when they air on TV and on the internet you can’t skip them which is just LAME. (As it turns out, after speaking with Dish, they say out DVR is broken and are sending us a new box so we now have to watch as much as we can of what we’re behind on (which thank goodness we’d started doing over Thanksgiving) and then I have to set up the timers alllllll over again with the new box. That’s my favorite part.)

And while I noticed the problem in time to tape Grey’s Anatomy I was really not all that relieved so I’ve decided to remove Grey’s Anatomy from my DVR schedule. I’m always sad to stop watching a show while it’s still on the air but I really just can’t make myself care any more and I think it’s time to move on! This probably means that all of the other shows I love (like Chuck and Parenthood) will probably be canceled to spite me and leave a big gaping hole on my weekly TV viewing schedule.