Parenting Milestone #17: Achieved

Tuesday night Jack pooped in the tub.

One of Nate’s coworkers was in town from out of town and we invited him over for dinner so I was bathing Jack on my own while Nate entertained our company, thus making it the perfect time for Jack’s first (and unfortunately I’m sure it won’t be his last) poop in the tub.

It was everything I thought it would be and more.

He spent dinner grunting and tooting, so when I saw him chomping down on a toy with that look on his face I figured he just had gas. I turned away to grab his shampoo and when I looked back over at him he had a big fat grin on his face and there was poop. In the tub. With him and all of his bath toys.

Fortunately Nate’s coworker had to take a quick work call and Nate had come in to say hi at just the right time. Lucky him!

He held Jack away from the poop while I fished out what I could (GROSS), drained the rest (GROSS), corralled his toys to clean (GROSS) and cleaned the tub before rerunning a very shallow bath because there were no toys left to play with (GROSS) so I figured it would be a short bath.

Lucky for Jack I had a few extra rubber duckies in the bathroom that were not involved in the … mess … so I gave him one to chew on, we scrubbed up (very thoroughly) and got on with our evening.

Then I went back and disinfected all of his toys with vinegar and HOT water (I didn’t want to use any chemicals on things he puts in his mouth and I wasn’t really sure what else I could use).

We knew it was bound to happen, I had just hoped to avoid it for as long as possible.

2 thoughts on “Parenting Milestone #17: Achieved

  1. Martha

    This is very funny 🙂 (I promise if I ever have a baby and it poops in the tub I will let you know so you can laugh back!)

    I think vinegar and hot water was probably the way to go on sanitization.


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