Never Ending Laundry Cycle

I think Jack saves the major burp/barfs for days that he knows I will be the most inconvenienced.

For example, yesterday I took Jack to work to have lunch with Nate (we work for the same company). I gave him his bottle in the car in the parking lot once we arrived because I knew he’d be too distracted to eat it once we got inside. Then I picked him up and was putting him in the sling and BURRRRPPPARFFF. All over himself, all over myself, and all over the sling.

Fortunately none landed in my hair this time.

Unfortunately it was all over my shirt and his whole outfit.

Fortunately I had a spare onesie in his diaper bag.

Unfortunately I did not have spare pants.

Fortunately I was wearing a tank top under my shirt.

Unfortunately it was white and practically a wife beater and it wasn’t really meant to be worn without a shirt over it much less where I work.

Fortunately a friend of mine was able to bring my sweater downstairs to the lobby so I didn’t have to walk around in my little white tank top.

Unfortunately it was really warm in the building and I think I almost melted.

Anyways! I have since packed a shirt for myself and some pants (with another backup onesie) into Jack’s diaper bag because every time we bumped into someone who wanted to visit with Jack poor Nate felt the need to explain that normally Jack did wear pants when he left the house but he had an accident. I always felt the need to clarify that he spit up so they didn’t think his butt exploded (which it did, but not until after dinner that night. MAN it was incredible. It was also responsible for the third load of laundry in two days and THANK GOD for oxiclean).