It’s like the Secret of NIMH at my HOUSE!

The other night I was in bed, trying to fall asleep, and I heard a sound.

In the walls.

It sounded like a rodent, scurrying around in the walls.. but how could that be? I already removed the DEAD MOUSE. Did it leave a live friend?

And of course it did.

So we called our pest control people who usually just treat for bugs an they came out yesterday and set some sticky traps up where there had been evidence of mouse activity and we all crossed out fingers that they would find nothing.

Obviously that wasn’t the case or I wouldn’t have anything to write about right now. Instead, this morning when I went up to check the traps there was a mouse on one. It looked dead. I thought it was dead.  It was not dead.

So I called the pest control people at 7:30 and since they’re open Monday-Friday I wasn’t sure when I’d head back. So by 9am Nate was awake (he went to work at 5am, came home and went back to bed) and he could play with the baby while I freed the mouse. Thanks to Billy the Exterminator I knew that vegetable oil could free the mouse. I put on my gardening gloves, put the mouse (and trap) in a big storage bin and went outside. I dumped a ton of oil on it and really it worked out pretty well. I got him peeled off and rinsed him under a hose then put him in a tupperware container to sit while I figured out what to do next.

I knew I had to drop him off somewhere, I just wasn’t sure where. So we got into my car and I drove the mouse down to the elementary school a few miles away and out he went. For all I know he’s hawk food by now, but I dropped him off under a bush with lots of brown camouflaging coverage and I feel that I have met my moral obligation to that particular mouse.

Then of course at 9:30 the pest control company called and I was all like “WHERE WERE YOU PEOPLE 2 HOURS AGO WHEN I NEEEEDED YOU?!” Or not. I told them I handled the mouse (and spared them the heroic details) and they offered to bring new traps which was thoughtful, but we still have one up there so I think we’re good for now.

And of course since my sister mentioned that this was JUST LIKE the Secret of NIMH (I mean, I totally blame the people for mowing the field next door. Obviously the mice didn’t have enough time to move their house, so they had to come live in mine!) now I really want to watch that movie.

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