Thanks, Old Navy…

So I ordered a few things from Old Navy online. Some sweater dresses, baby shoes and the Star Wars onesie for Jack. Unfortunately the baby shoes didn’t fit and neither did the dresses, so I sent them back to exchange. I looked online and saw the shoes didn’t come in a bigger size any more so I just returned them.

They were super quick sending them back, which is very exciting, except one of the dresses I ordered (a hot pink and gray argyle dress) came back to me as a plain purple dress. Not even kind of close, huh? So I checked the website and it wasn’t available in my size any more.

So, instead of contacting me in any way to find out what I wanted in exchange, or if I just wanted to return it or what? Instead it’s like they just plucked up the first dress in my size that they found and mailed it to me. WTF, People?!