What Did the Pink Panther Say When He Stepped on an Ant?

Dead ant, dead ant, deadant deadant deadant deadant deadanntt!

Or something like that..

Anyways I was going to write a post about the evil ant infestation in my potted garden but I got distracted by the whole DEAD MOUSE thing.

By the way, since you guys seemed so shocked about my tossing the Roomba, if anyone wants it, it’s still in my trash can (DEAD MOUSE and all)! Just let me know and you’re welcome to come over and scrape the (possibly mangled) VERY DEAD MOUSE off the bottom.. you know.. if you’re interested!

And also, if anyone knows how to get DEAD MOUSE smell out of carpet, please to let me know! I haven’t had time to Google it really, but so far the smell is still there. Definitely not as bad, but definitely not gone.

Anyways, on to the ant problem.

So on Sunday (I think?) I was getting ready to water my food-plants on the patio when Nate noticed a line of ants marching across. So we followed them and I moved some pots around and basically there were ants EVERYWHERE! All over my (dead) tomato plants, completely infested one of my strawberry plants, and some-what living in the bottoms of my okras. It was so not OK.

So after dousing all of them with bug killer (deadant!) I’ve declared this year’s garden closed for the season and as soon as it stops raining I’m going to empty and scrub all of my pots for the season and put them away. Then I’m going to start planning for next year and how to make my garden less appealing to ants.

And also to black widow spiders, because nestled between 3 pots I found a web with a black widow on it. Of course by then Nate had gone inside so I sprayed the ever loving hell out of it with the bug killer and pounded on the siding to try to get him to come outside so I could ask for me boots. I just didn’t feel good about squashing it in flip flops. Call me crazy.

Anyways, that’s my (dead)ant story.  Sort of pales in comparison to the DEAD MOUSE but I figured maybe someone would have a good suggestion for next year’s container garden!

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