Formula Woes

So I weaned Jack recently (which could really be a whole post of its own, but for right now I’ll spare you) and he’s been on Similac formula until recently. We decided that since he was going to be 100% on formula for a few months that we’d switch to a cheaper brand and save ourselves some money.

So we did! We switched to the Sam’s Club brand, which I’m sure is fine for the most part, but MAN did it do a number on Jack’s stomach. We were going through diapers, wipes, and outfits like they were going out of style. It was bad. So we weren’t 100% sure what was causing it, but took a guess that maybe it was the new formula so Nate went out and bought some more Similac.

One day later his stomach seems better and the Similac we bought is recalled! So YAY for that! I hate to stop using it because it helped his stomach, but I’m obviously not going to keep using an expired product and we’re on vacation (yay!) so Walmart isn’t just 5 minutes away so that sucks.