Kitchen Skillz

I think the quality of our dinner is directly proportional to the size of the mess I make cooking it.

Tonight, for example, big mess, and it didn’t even involve me cooking all that much! Nate grilled steaks and I made fried okra. And if anyone has a sure fire way to get the breading to stick to the okra, please let me know. I’ve done it twice now and it tastes fine, don’t get me wrong, but I want it to be pretty and breaded but I’m having trouble getting the breading to stick well. I’m sure it will never look like it does in restaurants and stuff, but a girl can dream, right?

2 thoughts on “Kitchen Skillz

  1. Rachel

    or flour, egg, breading, egg, breading.

    Also, with veggies with lots of water it helps if you salt them adn let them drain, first, or the steam will blow the breading off no matter what. I don’t eat okra, though, so IDK.


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