My Palm Pre is Breakable?

I drop my cell phone a lot.

I’ve dropped it on carpet, on cement, on tile and on hardwoods, most of the time from the standing position. Up until today, aside from a few minor scratches (none on the screen, either), my phone has taken it like a champ.

Unfortunately today it must have decided that it’s had enough because after being dropped (while I was kneeling down, so from like 1 foot up) it has given up and my touch screen is no longer touchable, which is really inconvenient.

Fortunately, thanks to Google I was able to find out how to get my palm pre into USB mode without the touch screen. Otherwise I would have been seriously depressed considering how many pictures I have on there that I don’t have anywhere else!

So later, after Jack’s nap (which hopefully he’ll start taking any minute now) I get to trek over to the Sprint store and try to move my stuff over to Nate’s old Pre. (He got an Evo a few months ago and is in looooove, but I refuse to have a phone without a real keyboard). And if not, then I have the protection plan so I could have it replaced for a fee (I’m not sure what that fee is) and if it comes to having to have my entire phone replaced for a fee (because at least I was smart enough to purchase the protection plan).

So basically I was all excited because my phone had been dropped! Multiple times! And it kept going! What a trooper! Which just means I’m extra sad to find that apparently if you drop it enough times you will eventually find just the right angle to render your precious, precious touch screen DEAD.

So sad.