This was the Second Time Someone Almost Fell Asleep While Eating

Sooo Sleepy!

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In one day!

I took Jack out in the early afternoon to run a few errands and when we got home it was either time for a nap or time for lunch. Since he didn’t seem interested in the nap I made lunch. About 10 minutes into lunch it became obvious that we should have gone with the nap because he could barely keep his eyes open! So I got him ready for his nap and 20 minutes (of playing in the crib) later, he was asleep! (Seriously. Too tired to eat lunch, too tired to hold his head up in the high chair, not too tired to squeal at his seahorse for 20 minutes).

Fast forward to dinner at 6:30, and it was like deja vu! Normally he takes a 20-30 minute nap between 4 and 5 but today he would not. Consequently, he barely made it through dinner! It was pretty funny. He wanted to keep eating (a mixture of turkey and applesauce, which sounds gross, but he preferred it to plain turkey. whatever). So he would sit there with his eyes closed and his mouth open, leaning forward like “put the spoon in my mouth already!” and then he’d doze a little, and then he’d wonder where the food was again!

By 7:20 (which is almost an hour earlier than he’s gone to bed ever) he was asleep in bed and he slept til 6:25 this morning, which is really only 10-15 minutes earlier than he normally gets up!

So I think someone is about to have his bedtime moved up (not to 7:20, but maybe to 7:45-8 instead of 8:15-8:30)!

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