Birdie Backfire

So remember when I had bluebirds? And I literally spent allllll day that I was home watching them to make sure nothing got them because they’re so cute and tiny and it was all very exciting.

Then I cleaned out their nestbox, the parents re-nested and I thought I had a new round of cute coming my way. So I went out to the bird store (seriously, it’s a store with bird stuff, Wild Birds Unlimited) and picked up some sunflower chips (because I’m too squeamish to buy mealworms) and put them out at home!

And now 2.5 months later as I was celebrating the number of new birds those chips have attracted (I have cardinals coming out my ears, in addition to miscellaneous brown birds that all look the same to me except they come in different sizes!) I realized that I never saw any new babies and I haven’t seen the adult bluebirds lately either. So I checked the nest box and there’s one unhatched egg in it. It makes me sad. I don’t know if the influx of new birds scared them away or what but I’m a little bummed. Fortunately I have a ton of new birds(brown thrashers and what may be a house wren except it looks more black than brown (which really may just mean I have a bug problem!)) to help make it up to me!