Okra Sucks.


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OK, maybe it doesn’t really technically suck, but I had visions of fried okra dancing in my head when I bought those plants, and now like two months later here I am with really tall plants containing like 3 okras each, which does not so much resemble the mental images I had when I brought them home.

I’m really disappointed.

I think I may need to do a little more research into these food plants I see before just buying them in a fit of fancy.

Kind of like when I bought lettuce at the start of the summer only to be shocked (SHOCKED) to discover that it’s really a cool weather plant, as evidenced by the fact that I got like 5 leaves of lettuce off it before it went to seed. LAME!

(And also add, broccoli, and spinach to that list because I am an enthusiastic planter, but a very slow leaner!)

So anyways, if you’d ever considered growing okra but wasn’t sure how it would turn out, this is how it turns out. Maybe in a week I’ll have enough okra for me and Nate to have at one meal.


(Please pay no attention to those pathetic little jalapenos plants to the right of the okras! I think this pot is too small for that many food things, and so they’re very sad, and I’m too lazy to just pluck them and toss them out.)