Baby’s First Headbonk

A boo-boo

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Of course, learning to crawl was AWESOME for Jack! The freedom, the mobility! Certainly it could not get any better than that!

And then he learned how to pull himself up to standing. The best part is, sometimes he even thinks he can walk. (He can’t). So he’ll pull up on the sofa, turn away, let go, and immediately find himself back on the floor. Surprise!

So this morning I put him in bed for his morning nap (as I do most mornings). It was a tad on the early side, but someone kept yawning while I ate breakfast and was doing a really good impression of a baby desperately in need of a nap. Until he got in bed. I went on to make his bottles for tomorrow (since he’s going to be with my mom tomorrow) and then washed about 50 dishes (all bottle related) and by the time I was done Jack was very vocally not sleeping.

So I went over to his room and peeked in and there he was, standing in his crib, crying. So I went in thinking I was going to lay him back down, turn his musical seahorse back on, and remind him that he’s tired and supposed to be napping.

Unfortunately in his excitement (he obviously thought his nap was OVER) he went to get back on his hands and knees, but lost his hand grip on his way down and bonked his forehead on the crib bars.

Cue Hysterical Wailing.

So we came out to the living room, calmed down, played on the floor until once again, nothing is fun, everything sucks, wah wah wah my toys and it was definitely nap time for real this time. This time, since he was due to eat again in a half hour, I gave him a 2oz bottle snack and rocked him to sleep. Spoiled much? Hopefully this will not teach him that slamming his face into his crib is a good way to get out of nap time. (No, I don’t actually think he’ll make the connection).

But anyways, baby’s first major bonk on the head resulting in a small welt to the far right of his right eyebrow. And this just goes to show that every time you think you have baby’s nap time down, baby throws you a curve ball!

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