Teething is AWESOME!

At Jack’s 4 month checkup, the doctor informed us that Jack was working on teeth, but there was nothing imminent. So I checked every now and then since his mouth was like a leaky faucet but never really noticed anything. Suddenly at his 6 month checkup, there they were! You could see two teeth under his gums and feel the two bumps. I swear they came out of nowhere!

After a couple of cranky days (and a few night time wakeups) we have tooth! Finally one of the two teeth broke the skin and is jabbing through. It’s sharp! It also seemed to help the crank a lot today. Now I just have to wait for the other tooth (teeth) to come through!

I can’t believe my baby has a tooth! It’s like he’s turning into an actual little person or something.

One thought on “Teething is AWESOME!

  1. kimmy

    At the last soccer game that you came to, I told your hubby that your lil guy almost looks too big for you to hold. He laughed, and said soon the baby would be holding you!


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