New Neighbors

Have I mentioned the fact that we live next to a rental house? I don’t remember and I’m too lazy to search back to check, but either way… we live next to a rental house. I have nothing against renters really, they’ve all been very nice so ,except the yard looks like.. umm.. it looks like mine did after I killed all the weeds to try to grow grass. Anyways, our third new set of neighbors just moved in and so far they are definitely not my favorite.

They have dogs. This in itself is not necessarily bad as we have dogs and the two families before them had dogs. The crappy part is the part where they seem to be outside dogs. (I saw the dogs outside yesterday during the thunderstorms. It made me sad. Yes, there’s shelter out there, but it still made me sad.) While they said “they don’t bark and only howl when they hear sirens,” I’m going to go ahead and call BULLSHIT.

They’ve only been here for two nights and on the first night they woke us up howling at nothing. Second night they woke us up howling and barking, again, at nothing. And they bark and howl plenty during the day too.

For the first week they lived here there were no dogs and we thought we hit the Neighbor Jackpot. Instead I think these are the crappiest dogs yet!

And just as a bonus, there’s a big metal archway in their backyard with the word”EVIL” on top, so that’s interesting! It’s not standing up, it’s laying on its side, but still. I’ll try to get a picture because it’s just funny.