Is it Nap Time Yet?

It was last night. 10:15pm, I was about to get in bed. Nate was at a soccer game, Jack was asleep and the dogs were on their beds. As I picked up the baby monitor to take with me, I saw it. A nickel sized spider on the wall above the dresser.

I said “oh my goodness.” (I know, I was surprised too. I’m pretty sure I did say “shit” at some point though, and I think that accurately summed up the situation.)

So there I was with a giant spider on the wall trying to decide on the best course of action. After grabbing some paper towels and a shoe I decided I just didn’t want to risk it. If I whacked it with the shoe and tried to snag it with the paper towels (it was kind of higher on the wall than I could easily reach) then I would risk the spider escaping, and frankly that was a risk I was just not willing to take (plus, do spider guts leave a mark?).

So next I went to get a stool, a dixie cup and a stiff Applebees ad we got in the mail earlier. I stood on the stool, trapped the spider under the cup (the spider FLIPPED OUT, by the way. It was freaky) and then I slid the Applebees ad under the cup to trap it in before carefully escorting it outside.

By then it was closer to 10:30, I got in bed but I didn’t get to sleep for another 20 minutes or so. I just kept wondering if that spider had any friends that maybe I needed to know about. I really really really really hope not.

And of course it didn’t help that Jack woke up (but required no assistance) around 3:45am, but usually I’m really good at the falling asleep part, just lately (baby related) not as good at the staying asleep part.