Jack’s New BFF

Oh man! My friends, Ted and Jennifer, had their baby last Monday (I mean technically Jennifer is the only one that actually really had the baby, but you know what I mean). On Sunday we went over to visit today and bring them dinner and OH MY GOD HE’S SO TINY (and cute, of course, but OMGTINY!)!

I mean I know babies are small, once upon a time Jack was small, but this baby is even smaller! (Jack was 7lbs, his new BFF is 6lbs). It’s hard to even imagine. He was so cute and so little and so sleeping and I remember it all so clearly but at the same time it feels like it was only a dream a million years ago.

And also as a side note, Jennifer is my hero because on Friday night she attended a cloth diapering 101 lecture thing with me in downtown Apex (she’s interested in cloth diapering, I’m only vaguely curious but mostly skeptical). I think it was like a month before I left the house after Jack was born, except for his doctor appointments!

One thought on “Jack’s New BFF

  1. kimmy

    omg! I’m excited for them! I was thinking it had to be close to time, but I could never remember her due date. Now they both quit slacking off and get back to soccer. Leave the baby on the bench – nothing like a bunch of sweaty, gross strangers to look after your kid when you’re on the field. Breast feed when you sub out…it could work!


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