So on Friday I got an email from my mom asking me why there were no posts on my website. I was confused since I had literally just written one, so maybe I don’t post very often any more… there was still something there!

Turns out she was talking about the fact that half of my left menu was missing, and so was 100% of my content.


So I downloaded my site content and decided to check it out.

And then I changed my mind and figured since I’ve never actually updated wordpress at all, ever since I installed it that maybe the problem was in there somewhere.

So I backed up my database, downloaded all of my files and wiped my site. I copied up the new installation, went to upgrade and was informed that my database was too old and could not be used. Oops. Maybe should have checked that first.

Long story short, I went and had godaddy “install” it for me which created a new compatible database (it also put everything in a wordpress folder which I didn’t want) and used that db to get set up.

So I’m back! (I know, wooo…)

And now I have to create a new theme! Which I’m sure will happen eventually.

Some day.

Maybe next year?

One thought on “FINALLY!

  1. gravydave

    Yay! I remember how much a pain in the butt it was to upgrade my old website. . . something *always* broke.


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