Out and About


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So once upon a time (last year) I bought a blue bird box. We have a small back yard and didn’t really have a good place to put it, so we nailed it to the fence about 6 feet away from the bird feeders thinking maybe we’d get lucky.

A year later we were getting ready to take it down and paint it, to make it cute, because there were no birds in it and it was just sitting there, so it could at least sit there and be cute.

And then there were birds. I couldn’t believe it! It was so exciting.

And now the babies are out of the nest, flapping around, learning to fly and it is just adorable!

It’s also really stressful because there are other birds and there are cats that hang out in the area behind our fence and hunt and one baby bird fell over the fence and then the mower was here and I was afraid it would be mowed over so I plunked it back over the fence into my yard which really pissed the mom off, and then it didn’t matter because the mower didn’t come up that close to my fence anyways.


But also fun. I’m uploading videos later, whenever I remember, because CUTE!