I’m So Lazy

I’m such a bad blogger now! I just feel like my life isn’t very interesting right now, except of course to me.

Not that it was probably ever that exciting, but I think I can only write “today I played with the baby” so many times before people are like “seriously, isn’t there anything else?” and I have to say “not really” because really, there isn’t! And it’s totally fine! Once upon a time while I did see parenthood in my future I also had no idea how I’d manage waking up a bazillion times a night and never leaving the house again and basically it was terrifying.

It’s really amazing how much it all becomes routine.  How you start to look forward to getting up at 3am to feed the baby and watch Vampire Diaries, but then as soon as you get used to it, it stops and you’re actually almost disappointed except that sleeping more than 3 hours in a row is kind of amazing and I’d really actually forgotten how awesome it was until I started doing it again.


I came here planning to write about something but frankly after that little tangent I can’t remember what it was. Seriously.

Oh well. Maybe next time!

Tomorrow is one of my days at home with Jack so maybe we’ll do something super exciting and totally worth writing about (or maybe we’ll just eat, play and nap like usual, with him taking far more naps than me I’m sad to report).