Why Yes, that is a Dead Frog!

Why Yes, that is a Dead Frog!

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So this morning when Jack and I were taking the dogs out before leaving the house we noticed a strange shaped blob stuck in the screen door. On first glance I thought it was leaves but I leaned in for a closer look and it is definitely not leaves.

I’m not 100% sure how a frog even got in there between the screen and the plastic door thingie, but it’s there! And it’s DEAD! And I’m certainly not touching it. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve handled my fair share of dead things (spiders, a snake, and a baby vole) but for some reason I just cannot wrap my brain around handling this frog thing, so it’s going to sit there and wait for Nate to get home from work. (I did warn him it was there).

So anyways, now that image has been burned onto my brain so I wanted to share.

You’re welcome.