Geese are Jerks.

Geese are Jerks.

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There is a goose on a nest sitting in the pine straw just out of this picture.She usually just sits there and glares at people, which is fine, while her mate (pictured) wanders the parking lot.

Fort his picture when I was leaving the building he was literally sitting right in the middle of the parking lot between two islands, and definitely in the way of traffic.

Yesterday he one-upped himself and was full on patrolling which involved hissing, wing flapping and some moderately menacing slow paced chasing of people and of cars. It was actually kind of funny. He was sitting on the other side of the road from his mate and their nest, so people HAD to walk between them in order to get to their cars (the nest is pretty close to the front door).

I walked out yesterday with another woman a little ahead of me. The goose hissed at both of us and I sort of did a slow waddle towards us, definitely not happy we were there. We both walked to our cars and before I got into mine I looked over and saw him flapping his wings at her car as she tried to pull out of the parking space, and then he chased the car! Seriously! I wish I could have gotten a picture of that stuff, but I was definitely too far away. I almost died laughing.

I haven’t been over there yet today, but I can’t wait to see where he’s hanging out when I get there!