We Have the Plague

Or something like that.

Yesterday at work I started to not feel well. My head was killing me, I was nauseous and I was sure it was just a migraine.

Until the second time I puked at work. Then I started to think maybe something was wrong, and so I went home where I spent the rest of the day in bed. I asked Nate sleep upstairs to minimize his chances of getting it.

Then at 6:15 this morning he came into the bedroom and unfortunately he had contracted the plague as well.

Thank god for my parents! I got Jack up this morning and fed him and then I called my mom to see if she could come pick him up while I finish recuperating.  I managed to eat toast this morning, which was exciting, and I’m hoping to make eggs for lunch, so by later this afternoon I expect to be well enough to reclaim my baby.

I  have to say, being sick? Not fun. I mean I honestly cannot remember the last time I had a stomach bug… maybe high school? Maybe even middle school? I know it seems like a silly thing to be proud of, but my immune system rarely lets me down (except for the yearly sinus infection) . Nate has had the flu a few times since we’ve been married and I’ve managed to never pick it up, but this bug? This evil bug managed to penetrate my defenses and that really pisses me off. Fortunately (knock on wood) Jack seems to have not picked it up and hopefully we can keep it that way!

2 thoughts on “We Have the Plague

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  2. Dotty

    Ugh. Hope you guys are feeling better. Glad your parents can help! Nothing worse than being sick as a dog with a kid to take care of as well.


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