More About Sleep

Because seriously, it feels like that’s all I think about!

Since that last post, 2.5 weeks ago, Jack has slept between 6-8 hours at a time almost every night. We’ve had a few hiccups along the way where he wakes up to eat in the middle of the night, but not many. Until the last two nights in a row, he woke up in the middle of the night both times. I’m pretty bummed. I thought it meant I was doing something wrong (like rocking him all the way to sleep instead of letting him fall asleep in his crib on his own thus not giving him the ability to learn how to put himself to sleep and creating a baby monster in the process).

As it turns out, my baby is a bratty little liar! (A cuddly, adorable, bratty little liar!)

This morning he was getting really sleepy and so I rocked him for a minute, stuck him in the crib, and left the room. While he was awake. I was expecting instant screaming (because that’s what I normally get) but instead I got baby babbling, some minor complaining and after about 5 minutes, there was silence. I tiptoed back in, and he was asleep. I almost passed out right then and there!

Jack starts daycare on Monday and I go back to work this Thursday (my mom is keeping him Thursday and Friday) and while I know there’s going to be an adjustment period and he’ll probably be pretty crabby for it, I was seriously worried that the only way he could fall asleep was if he was being held and rocked, and that the only way he could nap during the day was if he was held, so it’s really a relief and it gives me hope that maybe he’s finally coming around to sleeping better on his own!