A Day in the Life

7:00am – The Baby starts fussing. I get up, take my vitamins, use the bathroom and get his diaper and clothes changed (leaky diaper)
7:15am – Feed The Baby
7:45am – Play with The Baby and quickly shovel a bowl of cereal, change 2 diapers.
8:40am – Start rocking The Baby, read a couple of nursery rhymes, sing a few songs
8:50am – The Baby is asleep! Score!
9:35am – The Baby is awake! And hungry! 30 minutes earlier than I had hoped! Change diaper
9:45am – Feed The Baby
10:20am – Change The Baby’s clothes (puke). Play with The Baby. Change 3 diapers. Seriously.
11:40am – Start rocking The Baby, read a couple of nursery rhymes, sing a few songs
11:50am – The Baby is asleep! Again! Score! Quickly shovel some lunch and throw some baby clothes into the laundry
12:20am – Guess who is awake! Again! And hungry! Again!
12:30am – Feed The Baby
1:25pm – The Baby is asleep! Swaddle Baby and attempt a nap
2:30pm – The baby is fussing, but only partially awake. Gassy! Rock the baby back to sleep, then shower.
3:30pm – Guess what! The Baby is awake! And hungry!
3:40pm – Feed The Baby
4:15pm – Play with The Baby (change some diapers)
6:30pm – Feed The Baby (change some diapers)
7:50pm – The Baby is PISSED! Feed The Baby (cluster feeding is fun!) (change some diapers)
8:55pm – The Baby is PISSED! Feed The Baby (change some diapers)
9:30pm – The Baby is asleep! This is unusual and makes me nervous about whether The Baby will be asleep at night now.
11:20pm – The Baby is awake! And pissed! And hungry! (shocking, I know)
12:00am – The Baby is asleep! It’s a miracle! I may get to sleep at night after all! We both go to bed.
3:30am – The Baby is stirring, but not quite awake. I change a diaper to wake The Baby.
3:40am – Feed The Baby
4:00am – The Baby has The Hiccups. Please God let this not mean we’re up for the day!
4:15am – The Baby is asleep! We both go back to bed.
6:45am – Start Over!

So Jack is a total cat napper during the day with one long nap, and then (normally) he sleeps mostly well at night, so if that means I can’t nap a lot during the day, I’m totally OK with that. Sleeping at night makes it totally worth it, and getting up at 3:30am to feed him is actually much easier than I ever would have thought.

I have to say I’m kind of cautiously excited about the fact that he was asleep at 9:30 last night. Normally he takes a short nap sometime between the 4pm-ish feeding and the 11:30pm-ish feeding and 11:30ish is the Bedtime Feeding, so we’ll see if today is anything like yesterday. Maybe 9:30 will be the new Bedtime! I’m not holding my breath or anything, but maybe!

UPDATE: 9:30 is not the new bedtime. It was a total fluke. So sad!

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