Labor and Delivery (Lite)

So I debated telling the birth story because will anyone actually be interested? Then I decided since it’s kind of a long story I’d just go ahead and tell a short version because what else do I have to talk about; my life right now is basically boobs and poop!


January 26th I had my 39 week doctor appointment and at that appointment the doctor stripped my membranes (I won’t elaborate (you’re welcome), but you can Google it up if you really want to know (you don’t)). She said it could help bring on labor but since it wasn’t my due date yet it probably would not work and not to be discouraged if it didn’t. Every time I felt something in my abdominal area I thought it may be a contraction. I thought maybe I was starting labor that night, but I only had like 3 contractions total and they were 10-20 minutes apart, and then there was nothing so I figured probably not.

January 27th in the morning I had a few more contractions kind of early while I was working (from home, starting at 7am) but again, they were inconsistently far apart so I didn’t think anything of it. At lunch time I even took a nap because I wanted to pack in as much sleep. After I got up from lunch, I’ll spare you the details, but I called the doctor to ask if maybe I should be worried about something. She said maybe I was in labor. Probably not, but maybe so I should meet her at the hospital to be sure.
I called Nate at work to let him know I was heading to the hospital and to meet me there, and I felt what I was sure was a contraction.  So I took the dogs out, loaded up the car and headed to the hospital. They tell you not to call the doctor until your contractions are 5 minutes apart for an hour. I called the doctor before I knew I was having contractions and by the time I was in the car on my way to the hospital my contractions were every 3 minutes like clockwork.

I don’t know if it’s the same for everyone, but to me, in the beginning, labor felt like I ate something that disagreed with me and my body was trying really hard to evict it. Every 3 minutes.

I was initially stuck in a triage room, and although I’m kind of fuzzy on the details I’m pretty sure I moved to a regular labor and delivery room eventually.

This is where I’m going to go ahead and spare you a lot of details that no one wants to know (including myself!) and skip to the part where I wound up having to have a c-section. I was pretty bummed, but it was definitely necessary. So I checked into the hospital around 1pm and Jack’s official birth time was 8:36pm.

I’d always been told by my mom how amazing hormones are and how they completely block any unpleasantness there may have been during the delivery and I have to say, she’s completely right. I mean, labor hurt. It really hurt,  but even though I know it hurt and I remember it hurt I have no memory of what the pain was like, just that at the time I thought it (really really) hurt. Pretty awesome, huh? Otherwise I’m guessing no one would have more than one kid!

It’s been recommended that next time I go ahead and have another c-section and I’m definitely on board with that idea. I’ve heard that labor can go faster the second time around and as quickly as it came on the first time I don’t want to risk  giving birth on my bathroom floor! Probably that’s just something that would happen in my imagination (and on TV), but still. Just in case!

3 thoughts on “Labor and Delivery (Lite)

  1. Rachel

    I was interested!! thanks for sharing. now more pictures of the little boy, please.

    btw, I love the name. nice work.


  2. Dotty

    Thanks for sharing! I’m always super curious about how births go, especially now that I’ve given birth. You’re right about that labor pain — I know it really, really hurt at that time, but I can’t say much more than that now. But, I do remember how much my c-section sucked, which is enough to keep me at having only 1!


  3. Meg

    Kinda funny.. and yet not! At the salon there is a client who ended up having both her kids at home.. Ooops.. Her labor went really fast and hello baby.. Crazy huh!!!


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