Turn and Face the Strange Ch-ch-changes

So. I have a baby. A three week old baby, who currently is sleeping on his tummy in the bassinet in the living room. (Yes, I know back is best etc, etc, that’s why he’s sleeping and I’m awake) I’m trying to wait until he falls into a deep sleep so I can flip him over, swaddle him and head to bed myself. I’m not 100% sure that’s going to happen before it’s time for the next feeding, but you never know. I could get lucky!

Anyways, ever since this whole baby thing happened, I’ve started really suck at sleeping. I don’t just mean because I’m awake a lot with the baby, that’s to be expected and I’ve accepted that part. The part that makes me sad is that even when I do manage to find time to sleep I’m really not nearly as good at it as I used to be.

Once upon a time I could climb into bed and be asleep practically by the time my head hit the pillow. I didn’t even have to be all that tired, just going through my routine and getting into bed would be enough to knock me out. Now I lay in bed for who knows how long before I fall asleep. Sometimes it’s because I’m paranoid and I’m listening for baby noises so I can pop out of bed and take care of him before he wakes Nate up, but then even if Jack is in the living room or something being watched by something else and I’m 100% free to sleep I still have to spend WAY too much time trying to turn off my brain.

I’m sure eventually I’ll get better at it, but I also wonder if I’ll ever be as good at sleep again. I’m going to go ahead and guess probably not, but I’ll also hold a good thought!

One thought on “Turn and Face the Strange Ch-ch-changes

  1. kimmykins13

    I’ve been checking in and you hadn’t posted in a while so I figured that you must have had your baby! Congratulations!!!! Hope everything is well.


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