It’s Like Deja Vu All Over Again!

We took the dogs to the vet last weekend and mentioned in passing that Gouda has been having intermittent bowel issues again. The vet asked us to bring in a sample next time he did and so I scooped up a really good one for them to bring in on Wednesday.

Today we had a voicemail from the vet talking about “spore forming rods” in his poo and about how that means that his body is overproducing some bacteria which is causing the problems. She prescribed metronidazole and said we’ll see how it goes and said the next step would be a blood panel.

This all sounds ohsoveryfamiliar.

We saw a different vet this time, at the same clinic we’ve been going to. I talked about possibly switching vet offices so we could follow the vet we liked so much from the practice we go to, but in the end this office is closer and on the way home from work which makes it super easy to pick up medication. Anyways! Tomorrow I’m going to call to talk to this new vet that we saw to make sure she has completely looked over his chart to see that last  year what we did was a little something like this:

Metronidazole + Probiotics (several courses of it)
ZD Low Allergen Chow
Blood Work
B12 Shots
Pancreatic Enzymes

With, as far as I know, no actual final diagnosis except that the enzymes were crazy expensive and did not work, and the prednisone did. Then he was on the ZD chow for a long time with no meds and I think he did OK, and then we slowly moved him back to regular chow and he was fine on that for a long time, but recently he’s been getting worse again and I really wish we could figure out why!

At least this time he doesn’t seem sick. He’s still playful and acting completely normal (for him) so I guess we’ll see how it goes! If we’re lucky I’m hoping we can just get him on the metronidazole, keep his regular chow, and never let him eat anything out of the ordinary again (although I honestly can’t figure out what could have caused this semi-regular problem this time).

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