I Need Another Weekend

Seriously! I need another weekend to help me recover from my weekend!

Nate and I took the Labor and Delivery weekend cram session. It was from 9-4 on Saturday (which included lunch at the hospital… yum….) and then from 9-1 on Sunday! It was very informative, and the instructor was awesome! She’s also the mom of a girl that Meg is friends with, so small world! Anyways, like I said. Very informative in an “are you sure there isn’t a drug that makes you sleep through your entire labor and delivery and doesn’t wake you up until the baby is born?” kind of way. Yikes!

Also Saturday night was a couple’s baby shower. It was pretty fun. The men had to drink 4oz. of beer out of baby bottles. It looked really hard! My husband won though, so it was a proud moment for me.

Anyways, on account of the fact that the weekend was SO BUSY (we went baby-stuff-shopping on Sunday after class) and also because it’s a day that ends in “Y”  it’s 9:05 and I’m going to bed!

Oh, and I have all day training all week at work this week, which I didn’t learn about til late afternoon last Friday so I think it’s going to be a long week to boot!