It’s a Payphone!

It’s a Payphone!

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Pretty much since they started taking them down and selling them, Nate has wanted a pay phone. This year he got lucky and he got one for Christmas!

So he installed it in our bonus room. He ran a phone line to it and everything so it rings and you can call out from it and everything! And it’s static-y just like a real-live payphone should be.

Oddly enough we think it may have been interfering with the answering machine for a couple of days. Both of my parents reported calling the house and instead of the answering machine picking up, the fax machine did. Or they thought it was the fax machine. So we unplugged the fax machine and called the house to make sure the answering machine picked up, but it didn’t. So…. weird! Nate changed the machine to pick up after 4 rings instead of 6 rings and that stopped the problem, so we’re OK now, but I still can’t figure out why the payphone would be trying to answer like that!

So anyways, we now have a payphone hanging upstairs in our house. Now if I could just figure out how to make it charge for calls we’d be all set!

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  1. Bagel Dave

    You totally need to spice it up with some custom prints instead of the papers in there.. haha how awesome!


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