Caulk til You Drop

Caulk til You Drop

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Nate has been off work all week this week. I am supremely jealous, but he has way more vacation days than I do and actually had to take the days or else he would have been over his roll-over-able amount and would have lost them. So whatever, I was at work and he hasn’t.

Instead of working he has been wildly productive at home building custom shelves for the upstairs closets with my dad. I seriously feel so very lucky to be related to two such incredibly handy people! In two days they did three closets, removed the giant over the counter mirror from the master bath and moved the outlet that was not centered so that they could hang the two framed mirrors that we bought at Home Goods like 4 months ago. That’s in addition to the phone/cable hookup they moved upstairs to allow us to move our cable/phone modem and router to the bonus room and out of our bedroom with also enables us to hook an Ethernet cable from the router directly to the bluray player that does not have wireless capabilities so I can finally watch Netflix streaming movies on the TV upstairs. It is awesome. For good measure I’ll throw in the bit about how they replaced a light switch in the kitchen (for the light over the table) and in the dining room with a dimmer switch which may not be the hardest thing in the world to do (although I’ve never done it myself). I don’t want to leave anything out of the incredible list of things that have been accomplished in just a few short days.

Anyways, three new closet systems and a moved outlet means there is a lot of patching up to be done and that part of the projects normally fall to me. It’s funny because I’m kind of in a mix of rushing, wanting to have everything done NOW NOW NOW, and between wanting to go loaf around on the sofa and hope that it will caulk and paint itself. I’m pretty sure it won’t, but man that’s a nice thought.

So far I have caulked and spackled all three closets, and we’ve got the trim paint done, just have the wall paint to go. And then there is the master bathroom which doesn’t really require caulk, but does require a shit-ton of spackle since they moved an outlet to the other side of two studs and had to run wires through the studs which makes the piece I have to fill in VERY LARGE. It’s a good thing the dog has put her butt through the living room wall twice now, or else I may not have had the experience necessary to feel comfortable patching such a large area.