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Today at work I filled out paperwork associated with taking my maternity leave, once again firmly driving home the fact that my due date is in 30 days. As much as he moves around, and as much as we’re prepping for a baby it’s still really hard to believe that there is going to be an actual live baby in the house with us in around a month.

In this picture is the pack and play we set up in our bedroom and in the pack and play are a few stuffed animals plus a “fake baby” that we tried to use to get the dogs used to the idea of us using the pack and play. It would be more effective if Layne didn’t care WAY more about the cats than she does about the fake baby.

So baby update! My last appointment was last Wednesday and I am going every week now. This means that once a week I get to pee in a cup, get weighed, have my blood pressure taken, listen to his heart beat and have my uterus measured. Super fun. On the bright side, it does get me out of the office a little early most of the time!

As of my last appointment he’s estimated to be at 5.5lbs with a chance to reach 6.5-7lbs by birth and he is currently head down! This would be more surprising if I didn’t feel his feet poking me in the ribs on a semi-regular basis. Sometimes I feel like he’s trying to stretch his legs out, which he totally can’t do because there is NO MORE ROOM and there is just nothing I can do about that! I keep thinking we’re about to re-enact that scene from Alien, but so far so good!

I’m going to go ahead and spare you the whining about back aches, stair climbing and cankles. You’re welcome.

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  1. Speaking of what is growing in your belly, I have started making a really great sweater but I keep getting side tracked so it might not get finished and mailed before the baby actually comes. It is in a 12-18 month size though, and you should definitely have it by next year 🙂 I stopped knitting clothes in newborn sizes because half the time the baby is born too big to wear it at all!


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