Happy Holidays!

Good Enough!

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We both have off work today which is AWESOME because I’m hoarding all of my vacation days for when The Baby arrives. Nate actually has so many days saved up that he has to take off all of next week or else he’d be over the limit you can carry over and he’d lose days. Having that many vacation days completely blows my mind!

The dogs have been enjoying their day off today too! We’ve made three trips outside to play and all three of them actually involved playing! (Sometimes trips outside to play only actually end up involving grass-eating).

This morning I made a derby pie to bring to my parents’ house for dinner tonight, and also we (finally) iced the Christmas cookies I made the other day, so finally my holiday baking is done! I really enjoy the baking, but I’m sure Nate is glad that dish-washing portion is over!

So I hope everyone has a great holiday season!