I Don’t want Another Kitty!

But there is this little calico cat that I’ve seen before prowling around the trees behind my house…

Mostly I figured it must live somewhere near by and just be let out sometimes to go have fun. I also had the thought that maybe it’s a barn cat that lives across the street from my neighborhood at a house that has horses (don’t let the horses fool you, while I love where we do live, it is not anywhere out in the country or picturesque in the type of way that “trees and horses” may imply).

This morning though, while I was taking the dogs out one last time before loading them into the car and heading to day camp, I saw the cat laying down in the empty lot next to my house, about 20 feet from the fence. It was not in the area I usually see it stalking in, and I’ve never seen it just lying down out there. So either its people got up extra early to let it out this morning, or what if it’s really just a stray cat that lives outside near my house and doesn’t have any heat?!

I know that’s maybe the least likely of the possible options, but I just hate that it may be spending nights outside, especially with as cold as it’s gotten lately. I also refuse to call the pound on it, and I cannot bring it into my house for so very many reasons. But still…  What if it lives outside in the cold?! How can I stand it!?

I wish I could put a heated cat-house outside or something equally ridiculous, but I’m pretty sure I’m just going to have to let this one go and I really REALLY hate that! I guess on the bright side, I haven’t seen her in a few days, so maybe her people brought her inside finally?

2 thoughts on “I Don’t want Another Kitty!

  1. You could always put a heating pad on the porch, but I would make sure it was covered (what with the electricity and water and everything.) My mom keeps a heating pad on the porch for our super old cat that mostly prefers to be outside.


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