Too Smart for Their Own Good

This morning Layne got the mouth sweats, which is usually followed by us cleaning up dog puke. Fortunately we were already in the bathroom getting ready for work so at lease clean up would be easy. To make it even easier, Layne hopped into the bath tub, all by herself with almost no prodding from me or Nate. I’m not even kidding. Smartest dog ever! (Nate tries to run her to the bathtub if she’s on the carpet, and that’s 100% how she learned to get in on her own).

Luckily she didn’t puke, and when she felt better she hopped out. We were so proud.

Then Nate left for work and I hung around with the dogs because today actually looks like it might be halfway decent (unlike the rest of the week) so I’ve decided to take them to daycamp. Things were going great until about 5 minutes ago I decided to go ahead and put on my shoes and suddenly my two “normal” dogs turn into whining wiggly wrecks of excitement.

Because they know.

They have learned to read the signs and all signs point to day camp and holy cow I should take a video sometime of what pathetic messes they become once they realize. They used to not know until I put the leashes on them but they’re catching on earlier and earlier now.