Christmas Tree!

This is our first live Christmas tree. Before this we had a very small fake tree because we were a little worried about how the pets would treat a real tree in their home. Especially considering Colby is a big time plant-eater.

Turns out the pets don’t care at all. Layne is a little confused about where her beds have gone since they used to be on that wall and obviously they can’t be any more, but beyond that they haven’t paid it any any attention!

In addition to putting up the tree we put some lights up outside, and put out the rest of our Christmas decorations. We even bought those LED lights to see how that went. They look pretty good except for some reason the stupid ice cycle lights and the net lights are more of a bright white than the yellow of the strand lights that are outside. I mean they’re both LED lights, they’re the same brand, is it too much to ask for them to be the same color?! Really?!

Plus I need about two more strands because they didn’t go quite as far as I thought they would. Go figure. This was after we made two trips to Target yesterday because I also underestimated the number of strands to go on the tree. Too bad we hadn’t put up the outside lights yet because that could have saved me a trip!

One thought on “Christmas Tree!

  1. kimmy

    we’ve had our tree up for 2 days, and so far Marco’s done well. But this is his first Christmas…wait. it’s actually his 2nd, but I have no idea where he was this time last year, if he was already at the shelter or still in someone’s home. But it is his first Christmas with me and first with a tree (that I know of). He’s sniffed it, hopped up on window sill behind it and looked…so far so good. But I’m waiting for the moment when I walk in the room and see a little black ninja kitteh hiding in the tree amongst the lights and ornaments.


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