First in Line

Yesterday I dropped the dogs off at day camp for the day while I went to work. I’ve been taking them once every week to every other week for a few months now and it’s been going really well! I think we’ve actually reached a point where they’re just as excited to get there as they are to be picked up! Once they actually had to carry Layne into the back room because she got nervous before we left, but now they both go running towards the door to the back as soon as we get in the building, and I’m a little afraid they’ll maul the poor woman who has to take them back, they get so excited to see her!

This picture is Layne in the car, waiting to get out. Gouda is somewhere behind her, but even if he had somehow made it up to the seat before she did, she would have muscled him out of the way to make sure she was actually the first dog out of the car. I fold down the seat and let them out the back door so I can make sure I can a hand on both leashes before they can get out. I’m 99% sure they’d run straight for the door if they got away, but it’s near a busy road so better safe than sorry!

Last night after I picked them up I could take their stink no more so I bathed them. By myself. (Nate is coming home this evening, thank goodness!) And really? The bathing was the easy part, it’s the towel drying Gouda that’s the hard part. Gouda is convinced that he can do a better job of drying himself off if you will simply put the towel on the ground and let him rub and roll on it. Unfortunately for him this method is unsurprisingly ineffective as he generally misses the towel with about 90% of his body. So in the end I managed as well as I could, but it’s definitely a two person job in the future.