Home Improvement Week(end)

So Nate went out of town last Tuesday and I’ve spent at least some time every day/evening since then working on this dining room project.

On Wednesday I emptied the china hutch and my dad came over to help me move the china hutch and the table out of the dining room. Then I put down a tarp and primed the bottom half of the wall.

On Thursday I must had slept all afternoon/evening because I really don’t remember what I did!

On Friday my dad came over and installed the picture frame molding on the bottom half and that evening I caulked around all of the frame edges. He also put up the support pieces in the kitchen pantry so we could add two shelves in there.

On Saturday I took it pretty easy and ran a few errands, grocery store, target, Lowes (for the 357th time that week) and then did touch up priming in areas I didn’t get very well and also primed the wood frames. My dad called and offered to come over on Sunday to help paint, which was nice.

On Sunday I woke up at 8 and saw that I had received a text from my dad at 7:30 asking when I would be ready to work. I knew he’d want to start early, and so did I, so I told him to come over (and please to bring me coffee, which he did) and I got ready to start painting!

By around 11:30 on Sunday we had primed and put the trim on the the shelves for the pantry, done the first coat of paint in the dining room and my dad replaced the ball catch for the closet door in the dog room that broke the day after Nate left. Let me tell you, of all the closet doors that need to remain closed 100% of the time, that door that broke was at the top of the list. So I was really glad to have that fixed.

Then my dad had to go for a while so I put the second coat of paint on the dining room walls, painted the shelves for the pantry and started a massive cleanup so that when he made it back we could reassemble the dining room and get the pantry shelves up. Then I caulked and touched up the paint in the pantry and TADA! It was finally all done.

It was seriously and exhausting weekend, but it feels really great to have that stuff done and I absolutely love how well the dining room (and the pantry, but more the dining room) turned out.

I had planned on trying to paint the master bathroom while Nate was gone too, but I don’t think my back would ever forgive me if I didn’t give it at least a few days off before starting something like that again!

2 thoughts on “Home Improvement Week(end)

  1. Wow, the dining room looks great! Want to come over and paint my house? We’ve been in it for almost 2 years now, and there are still some rooms with big splotches of paint (from testing paint colors) on the walls.


  2. kimmy

    I cannot imagine doing all of that work because I am absolutely exhausted from reading about it. And admitting that does make me feel pathetic and lazy. Enough about me..,that dining room looks awesome!! I love love love the molding! Absolutely fantastic!


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