World Series

So has anyone else been watching the World Series? Because I have! Or at least I’ve been watching as much of it as I can possibly make it through because these games start late and they last forever. I mean really, do we need to “start” at 7:30 and then not actually get around to the real actual start of the game until 8 which means the game will last until midnight? Really?! Can’t we say “screw the west coast” and start the games at 5:30 instead? No? Bummer.

Anyways, tonight is game 6 and if the Yankees don’t totally blow it, it will hopefully be the last game of the series, the game I’ve been waiting for! Except! Nate has a soccer game tonight at 8:30 and we’ll leave the house at 8 for it and now we’re going to miss the first hour and a half of the game, which, let’s face it… that’s usually the only part I can stay awake for!

I’m considering trying to stay up for the whole thing tonight. I’m not sure I can make it but I would really love to see the whole game. (Except for Chase Utley’s hair, because have you seen that? He must use an entire bottle of styling gel in it every night. I do not understand, but it is gross.) Plus I’m not sure if I’d be able to function at work tomorrow if I somehow actually managed to stay up to watch the whole game. Maybe I can take a short nap during the game and wakeup for the end. That totally counts, right?

One thought on “World Series

  1. kimmy

    haha you’re the 2nd person tonight I’ve heard commenting on Chase Utley using an entire bottle of hair gel….too funny! but now onto serious matters…you’re a yankees fan? WTH?! sigh…I feel so disappointed


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