Happy (late) Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

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Even though the dogs had their pictures taken professionally (http://port77.com/cuttingedge/pupsi2009/ feel free to use my name and email addr, or fake it because they don’t actually do anything with it, they’re on page 7 of the thumbnails), we decided to dress them up at home anyways. Because we can.

That evening we lit our pumpkins and lantern (which is my sole Halloween decoration) and waited for the costumed kids!

Total? We probably had like 12. All evening. There is SO MUCH CANDY left it’s not even funny. Like I really need to be left alone with that much candy? I don’t think so. And really I don’t understand it. We had a ton of kids the previous two years, where did they all go?!

Also for some reason I keep typing “pumkpin” instead of “pumpkin” so yay for spell check!

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