Yesterday I noticed the dogs were getting extremely restless. It had been rainy for the past two days and yesterday the grass/yard was still kind of damp which means the dogs did not go outside to play at all during that time. I can’t explain it, I certainly don’t like it, but when it’s wet outside the dogs act like the water is acid and will burn off their feet. We actually have to coax them off the deck to get into the yard to go to the bathroom. It’s really very sad.

So anyways, they were extremely restless. There was barking, chasing around the living room, growly tumbling against the wall (which is how it got dented, both times) and I was not in the mood to patch the wall yet again. So I knew it was time to go back to camp. This morning I loaded them up and drove them over to Pupsi for what I hope will be an exhausting day full of play so they will come home tired, happy and also to a dry yard. It’s a win-win situation!

And it turns out this morning it was actually a win-win-win! When we pulled up (at 7:30, right when they open) I saw there was a photographer there, and they had some bales of hay stacked up outside, and inside the lobby was all decorated for Halloween and they asked if I was interested in having the dogs picture taken by the photographer that day. I mean really, like I would pass up the chance to have my dogs professionally photographed? I think not! I said I was bummed that I didn’t bring their costumes and they told me not to worry about it, they had plenty of costumes and they’d dress them up for me and get a picture. I mean really, does it get any better than that?!

I am still planning on stuffing them into Halloween costumes this year on Halloween, but they will be old costumes because we probably have more dog costumes than any reasonable people should have.

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