Meal Plan Monday (on Tuesday?)

So Martha has inspired me and I finally I sat down and made a meal plan for a whole week ahead of time. I actually did it for both last week and this week, and then, since it went so well, I wrote up a meal plan for the entire month of November! I know right, over achiever much? I can’t wait to see whether I can stick to it or not. I mean sure I’m guessing I’ll rearrange days we’re having what on and sometimes I’ll sub in a pizza delivery where I just do not feel like cooking, but I’ve been strangely motivated lately and I’ve enjoyed being able to grocery shop with a purpose instead of just wandering around trying to figure dinners out while I’m at the store. That never works out in reality how I picture it in my head.

Anyways, I mentioned “strangely motivated” and I really mean it. In addition to pre-planning meals I’ve managed to get laundry days and cleaning days on a schedule now too, so as lame as it sounds it’s actually really exciting for me. I’m sure it will all go out the window when the baby arrives, but I also am sort of hoping that maybe by then if I can spend the next 3 months sticking to my schedule it will be sort of a second nature to do certain things on certain days. I mean, maybe not… but maybe!

Speaking of which… 3 months. As in, Third Trimester, as in Final Trimester, as in Home Stretch, as in Holy Shit I’m Growing an Actual Baby that will be here in Three Very Short Months, Where Did the Time Go?

One thought on “Meal Plan Monday (on Tuesday?)

  1. I always plan my meals a week at a time, but that’s because I’m incapable of grocery shopping any other way. If I don’t have a list, I will forget at least 50% of what I need! With a list, I usually only forget about 5% 🙂


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