AKA: A snack of desperation.

I have mixed feelings about oatmeal. I remember as a child sometimes having the cinnamon flavored oatmeal and liking it, but pretty much as far as I know I hated all other flavors. I’m not really sure what drove this hatred. Maybe it actually was the flavor, or maybe it was just the strange consistency, but I do not have fond childhood memories of oatmeal, and I’m totally OK with that.

Recently in the breakroom at work they were giving out packets of oatmeal with health tips attached so I figured “why not” and I snagged a cinnamon flavored packet. That was like a month ago, at least, and up until this morning it was still sitting in my desk drawer, waiting for me to get the courage to try it.

This morning I was sort of forced into it. Since we were gone over the weekend I missed my normal grocery shopping day and yesterday after getting home around 5pm I just so did not feel like it, plus unpacking and starting laundry and stuff took forever.  So basically I was out of snacks. Normally my first snack of the day is a fruit and my second snack of the day is a cottage cheese and we were out of both. Last night when I was throwing my lunch bag together I was totally aware of that fact so I grabbed a pack of crackers to sub in for my fruit and figured that the remaining pudding cup in the fridge would do as a cottage cheese replacement.

Except this morning when I took my snack stuff out of my lunch sack to put in my sandwich container I totally left the crackers at home and all I have is a $20 which I’m pretty sure the vending machine will not accept in exchange for a pack of crackers. Major bummer. So I turned to the only place I had left. Oatmeal.

Surprisingly? It is not all that bad? Definitely not my favorite thing ever, but the flavor is fine. I’m just not sure how I feel about the consistency of it. Truthfully I had to guestimate the amount of water to add. It said half a cup, so I gave it my best shot and then it looked sort of soupy and I was sure I added too much water and then by the time I got back to my desk with it, it looked sort of … solid(?) and I was afraid I hadn’t added enough water. I would have taken a picture but I also left my cellphone at home today so there went that idea. In the end I wound up adding a little cold water from my water bottle to (a) help cool it to eat because it was 9:15am and I was starving and (b) to add a little extra water in case I had not, in fact, added enough water.

I still have no idea if I added the right amount of water but since it didn’t totally suck I’m guessing that means I didn’t totally screw it up.

So that sort of leaves me in the same place I started. With mixed feelings about oatmeal, but at least I’m full and happy now instead of starving and on the brink of crabby.

One thought on “Oatmeal

  1. I was never much a fan of the packet oatmeal. It’s too mushy for me. But recently I started making my own oatmeal and it’s WAY better! I use quick cooking oats and combine them with some sugar, salt, and whatever else sounds good – some days it’s cinnamon and dried cranberries, other days its pumpkin and pumpkin pie spices – and pop it in the microwave for 1-2 minutes. Yum! It’s taken me 20-something years to realize I just don’t like oatmeal unless it has some texture to it.


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