It’s Never Too Early to Start the Brainwashing

I’m totally in love with all of the little boy Star Wars bedding at Pottery Barn Kids but Nate woudln’t let me buy it because “what if he doesn’t like that Star Wars?” and I was all “as if!” and then I considered that Nate managed to grow up without loving Star Wars and I got a little worried.

That’s right, folks. I hate to admit it, but I married a man who does not love Star Wars. One who does not even like Star Wars. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t’ think he hates it or anything (because then we may have to throw down), but it sometimes boggles my mind that I’m married to a non-Star-Wars-fan.

So I was thinking maybe if I start watching Star Wars now, on infinite loop, the baby will be born loving it. Maybe? I mean if he hears those same sounds over and over while he’s on the inside, surely when he hears them again from the outside it will be a comforting familiarity. Right? Right??

Since I have no current plans for even attempting to convert Nate (he’s just not into sci-fi. Period. I know, I know! I don’t get it either, but I have to respect it) I figure I should start on our son as soon as possible to make sure he does not grow up in a world where is it OK to accidentally on purpose confuse Star Trek and Star Wars because it’s funny. Because it’s SO not funny!

(OK, so maybe sometimes it’s a little funny, but only a little, and only sometimes!)

3 thoughts on “It’s Never Too Early to Start the Brainwashing

  1. Have you played Lego Star Wars for Wii? (I am remembering correctly that you have a Wii? If not it is available for other platforms.) We LOVE that game.

    Children are extremely impressionable during the early childhood years. He will probably like it just because you do, as long as you keep Nate from influencing him the other way!


  2. David still has a hard time wrapping his mind around the fact that 1) I never even saw Star Wars until we were dating and 2) I don’t really like it either!


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