Eat Moar Cow

Nate and I picked up our (new) quarter of a cow today! It was $335 total, but that comes down to only $3.25/lb! Silly to be excited about a buying a quarter of a frozen cow? Maybe! But it’s exciting.

Also, I was going to start that Monday Meal Plan thing today, but Wednesday we’re going to Rudino’s with friends after Nate’s soccer game, and Friday we’re eating dinner at the airport, or in NYC when we land, so really that only leaves 3 days to plan for.

So anyways, Monday and Tuesday we’re having Shepherd’s Pie and leftover Shepherd’s Pie, and then Thursday we’re having breakfast for dinner. That totally counts as a meal plan for the week, right?!

Oh, and that’s right, we’re totally headed back to NYC this weekend! I may or may not be turning 30 next Monday and I may have decided that NYC would be a really awesome place to spend my last child-free birthday.

One thought on “Eat Moar Cow

  1. Traci

    NYC is an awesome Birthday plan (if of course you admit to the big day)! Otherwise, no-occasion weekend trip to the Big Apple!! šŸ™‚ Hope you two (and a 1/2) have a blast.


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