Did I Mention Pregnancy Makes you Stupid?

So let’s talk about pantyhose! Or… more accurately… how I’m too stupid to buy panty hose!

I bought a pair of black pregnancy tights a few weeks ago, to wear this winter with a cute sweater dress I bought. Then on Friday I went to the NC USO’s Salute to Freedom gala and figured that a black tie event probably called for actual panty hose. So back to target I went to pick up a pair of regular nude maternity hose.

Then my awesome sister came over to do my hair and makeup and then I got dressed so she could see the finished product and I realized that I didn’t buy nude panty hose. What I actually bought was some maternity butt-thigh shaper and it ends above the knees. So my backup, the black tights? I got the wrong size. The way wrong size. I wear the smallest size, and I bought the largest size.


So I wound up wearing the large black tights. I could definitely tell there was extra slack in them, but whatever, they worked, and no one but me could tell the difference.

But still, it hurts. Panty hose: 2, Erin: 0