It’s a ______!

So today was the day: the day to find out the sex of the baby.

Pretty much everyone has been telling me I’m having a boy which really, in my mind, only cemented the fact that I was most certainly have a girl. So boo-yah! Or something like that.

The day dragged as I knew it would. It also felt surprisingly like a Friday all day. It was probably because I was SO EXCITED about finding out the sex of the baby which made me SO EXCITED about the prospect of leaving work for the day. (Appt was at 4). Normally that kind of happy is reserved for Fridays when I know I’m going home for two whole days of not being at work.

It also didn’t help that my work sent out a flyer offering half off a lunch at bear rock for all employees Wed-Fri so I spent most of my morning alternating between “SEX OF THE BABY!” and “OMG I WANT A BREADBOWL!” Thank you, front desk, for knowing just how to activate my carb cravings! I was torn about going today or tomorrow through because one of today’s soups is Garden Broccoli and Wisconsin cheese (YUM) and one of tomorrow’s soups is Baked Potato soup and frankly I couldn’t decide which one sounded more awesome. Fortunately I didn’t have to decide, Nate suggested we go tomorrow so now I get to think about Baked Potato soup all morning tomorrow too.

I was advised by my brother in law to have caffeine before the appointment to make the baby extra active. It sounded like a good idea and I figured I would have a can of coke with lunch (I have about one canned soda containing caffeine per week) but then I started thinking was lunch time too early for a 4pm ultrasound? Would I hype the baby up to spend all afternoon kicking me only to have it go to sleep when it’s time to be scanned at the appointment? That would be just my luck. But of course, the idea was planted in my brain. I was definitely having a Coke today. Or maybe a Dr. Pepper.  That gave me something else to debate all day. Also, in the end, I spent like 2 minutes at the vending machine waffling and finally wound up with a Dr Pepper. I’m not entirely convinced it made any difference at the ultrasound, but it sure did make me happy at the time!

It was obviously not my most productive day at work. I got everything done, but overall I consider it to have been a pretty scattered day brain-power wise!

I just realized the train of thought in this post pretty well mimicked my train of thought throughout the day. Hopping from one thing to the next without ever really spending too much time focused on one thing, except for the part where I probably looked at the clock like every 5 minutes. At least.

But anyways! Back to the matter at hand: The baby was completely cooperative and is definitely a boy! I think Nate was less surprised than I was, but we’re super excited!

4 thoughts on “It’s a ______!

  1. Congrats!!! I was just at the Carter’s outlet and saw lots and lots of really cute little baby boy clothes. Have you been there yet? Bring your wallet.


  2. kimmy

    yay! congratulations!! I was doing really good reading your post, and I could feel myself reading faster because I was getting excited…I made it halfway thru the second to last paragraph and then I couldn’t control my eyes anymore – they jumped to the end!


  3. Congratulations! I was a little freaked out when I was told I was having a boy. I already had a daughter – I was a great “girl” mom. How would I be with a boy? I’m here to tell you it is SO MUCH FUN! And I guess someone knew I was going to have this much fun because I was blessed with two! Congrats, again. You’re going to have a ball!


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